Bl Mutual simultaneity of the various construction loads

(1) Where particular construction loads are not physically compatible because of the construction process, they should not be taken into account as simultaneous.

(2) The simultaneity of particular construction loads may be considered as excluded provided this is specified in the project specification and appropriate control measures are taken.

(3) Other possibilities of simultaneity of construction loads should be taken into account. B.l.1.2 Simultaneity of construction loads with other variable actions

(1) Unless otherwise specified, snow loads and wind actions should be considered as not simultaneous with loads arising from construction activity (e.g. loads due to working personnel). However, the possibility of simultaneity of snow loads and wind actions with other construction loads (e.g. heavy equipment or cranes) should be taken into account.

Note : For cranes, specific safety rules define a wind velocity compatible with use. The corresponding pressure is generally small enough to be neglected in structural verifications.

(2) Where relevant, thermal and water actions should be considered as simultaneous with construction loads.

Note : Where relevant, some distinctions may be made among the various causes and components of thermal actions.

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