(1) In general, construction loads include:

- working personnel, staff and visitors, with small site equipment (Qca);

- moveable storage of building and construction materials, precast elements, and equipment

- heavy equipment in position for use (e.g. formwork panels, scaffolding, falsework, machinery, containers) or during movement (e.g. travelling forms, launching girders and nose, counterweight) (Qcc);

- cranes, lifts, vehicles, power installation, jacks, heavy control devices, etc. (Ocd)

(2) Where relevant, these actions should be assessed in accordance with the project specification.

Note 1 : Where vehicles (e.g. truck-mixers on groundfloors of buildings) may be used, and if not defined in the project specification, the corresponding actions may be assessed with reference to the vehicles or load models defined in ENV 1991-3 (Fatigue Load Model 2).

Note 2 : Information for the assessement of actions due to cranes is given in ENV 1991-5.

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