Ultimate limit states

(1)P Ultimate limit states shall be considered both for transient and accidental design situations.

(2)P For accidental design situations, the requirement in ENV 1991-1 with regard to the prevention of disproportionate damage shall be met.

Note : Generally, accidental design situations refer to exceptional conditions applicable to the structure or its exposure, such as impact, local failure and subsequent progressive collapse, fall of structural or non-structural parts, and, in the case of buildings, abnormal concentrations of building equipment and/or building materials, water accumulation on steel roofs, fire, etc.

(3) Where seismic situations need to be considered during the execution stage, critical design situations should be selected and, if relevant, agreed upon with the relevant authority.

(4) In such critical design situations, the regularity of an uncompleted structural frame, the possible concentration of stored structural material, etc., should be considered. Attention should also be given to the interaction with construction cranes, etc.

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