Background to the Eurocode Programme

The Commission of the European Communities (CEC) initiated the work of establishing a set of harmonized technical rules for the design of building and civil engineering works which would initially serve as an alternative to the different rules in force in the various Member States and would ultimately replace them. These technical rules became known as the "Structural Eurocodes".

In 1990, after consulting their respective Member States, the CEC transferred the work of further development, issue and updates of the Structural Eurocodes to CEN, and the EFTA Secretariat agreed to support the CEN work.

CEN Technical Committee CEN/TC 250 is responsible for all Structural Eurocodes. Eurocode programme

Work is in hand on the following Structural Eurocodes, each generally consisting of a number of parts:



Eurocode 1

Basis of design and actions on structures



Eurocode 2

Design of concrete structures



Eurocode 3

Design of steel structures



Eurocode 4

Design of composite steel and concrete structures



Eurocode 5

Design of timber structures



Eurocode 6

Design of masoniy structures



Eurocode 7

Geotechnical design



Eurocode 8

Design of structures for earthquake resistance



Eurocode 9

Design of aluminium structures

Separate sub-committees have been formed by CEN/TC 250 for the various Eurocodes listed above.

This part of the Structural Eurocode for Design of Aluminium Alloy Structures, which had been finalised and approved for publication under the direction of CEC, is being issued by CEN as a European Prestandard (ENV) with an initial life of three years.

This Prestandard is intended for experimental practical application in the design of the building and civil engineering works covered by the scope as given in 1.1 and for the submission of comments.

After approximately two years CEN members will be invited to submit formal comments to be taken into account in determining future action.

Meanwhile feedback and comments on this Prestandard should be sent to Secretariat of sub-committee CEN/TC 250/SC 9 at the following address:

Secretariat of CEN/TC 250/SC 9

c/o Norwegian Council for Building Standardization

Postboks 129 Blindern

N-0314 OSLO

or to your national standards organisation.

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