Design Documents

1.7.1 Drawings

(1)P The drawings shall contain full details of all connections which are susceptible to fatigue, including component dimensions and fit-up tolerances, sizes and types of fastener, and weld throat, leg and penetration dimensions.

(2)P The required fatigue class shall be indicated for the relevant welded joints in accordance with 6.2.

1.7.2 Manufacturing specification

(1)P The manufacturing specification shall include all special requirements for material preparation, assembly, joining, post treatment and inspection as defined in the relevant Detail Category Tables 5.1.1 to 5.1.5 to ensure that the required fatigue strengths are achieved. See also Annex D.

1.7.3 Operation manual

(1)P The operation manual shall include:

- Details of the fatigue loadings and the design life assumed in the design.

- Any necessary requirements to monitor loading intensity and frequency during service.

- Limitations on future modification of the structure, in particular the making of holes or welding of attachments.

- Instructions for dismantling and reassembly of parts, eg. tightening of fasteners.

- Acceptable repair methods in the event of accidental damage in-service (e.g. dents, penetrations, tears, etc).

1.7.4 Maintenance manual

(1)P The maintenance manual shall include a schedule of any necessary in-service inspection of fatigue critical parts. Where damage tolerant design has been used this shall include:

- The methods of inspection

- The locations for inspection

- The frequency of inspections

- The maximum permissible crack size before correction is necessary

- Details of acceptable methods of repair or replacement of fatigue cracked parts

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