Distinction Between Principles and Application Rules

(1) Depending on the character of the individual clauses, distinction is made in this Eurocode between Principles and Application Rules.

(2) The Principles comprise:

- general statements and definitions for which there is no alternative, as well as

- requirements and analytical models for which no alternative is permitted unless specifically stated.

(3) The Principles are identified by the letter P following the paragraph number.

(4) The Application Rules are generally recognised rules which follow the Principles and satisfy their requirements.

(5) It is permissible to use alternative design rules different from the Application Rules given in the Eurocode, provided that it is shown that the alternative rule accords with the relevant Principles and is at least equivalent with regard to the resistance, serviceability and durability achieved by the structure.

(6) In this part the Application rules are identified by a number in brackets, as in this paragraph.

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