Fatigue strength Detail Categories

5.1.1 Factors affecting detail category

(1)P The fatigue strength of a detail shall take into account the following factors:

a) the direction of the fluctuating stress relative to the detail;

b) the location of the initiating crack in the detail;

c) the geometrical arrangement and relative proportion of the detail.

(2) The fatigue strength may also depend on the following:

d) the product form;

e) the material (unless welded);

f) the method of fabrication;

g) the degree of inspection after fabrication;

h) the quality level (in the case of welds and castings).

5.1.2 Detail Category tables

(1) The detail categories for more commonly used details have been divided into five basic groups, namely:

a) non-welded details in wrought and cast alloys (see table 5.1.1)

b) welded details on surface of loaded member (see tables 5.1.2(a) and 5.1.2(b))

c) welded details at end connections (see table 5.1.3)

d) mechanically fastened joints (see table 5.1.4)

e) adhesively bonded joints (see table 5.1.5)

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