National Applications Documents

In view of the responsibilities of authorities in member countries for the safety, health and other matters covered by the essential requirements of the CPD, certain safety elements in this ENV have been assigned indicative values which are identified by □. The authorities in each member country are expected to assign definitive values to these safety elements.

Some of the harmonised supporting prestandards, including the Eurocodes giving values of actions to be taken into account and measures required for fire protection, may not be available by the time this Prestandard is issued. It is therefore anticipated that a National Application Document (NAD) giving definitive values for safety elements, referencing compatible supporting standards and providing national guidance on the application of this Prestandard, will be issued by each member country or its Standards Organisation.

It is intended that this Prestandard is used in conjunction with the NAD valid in the country where the building or civil engineering works are located.

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