^ (102) The tightness and drainage of boots should be assured to avoid water entering and/or accumulating in cô the recess tubes.

co (101) Stay cables should be arranged such, that bending stresses in the stay cables at anchorages are avoided. "P

(102) In the area of the deck stay cables should be protected against damage caused by vehicle collision and/or by the users.

A 107.6 Arrangement of stay cables

A 107.7 Fabrication of stay cables

^ (101) The procedures described in of ENV 1992-1-1 should be strictly observed.

D (102) During fabrication of stay cables it should be ensured that all tendons are installed parallel to each co another.

cd ( 103) When handling prefabricated cables it should be ensured that the bending radius is never less than 1251

lf_ times the diameter of the cable sheath.

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