° stress range caused by fatigue load model 3 (according to ENV 1991-3) with increased axle load as given in P(101), assuming the load combination given in of this Part 2.

> e v Xs correction factor to calculate the damage equivalent stress range from the stress range caused by acts ec

(103) The correction factors Xs include the influences of span, annual traffic volume, service life, multiple lanes, traffic type and surface roughness and may be calculated by


> Xs 1 value for span

Xs2 value for annual traffic volume

Xs 3 value for service life

X.s>4 value for multiple lanes

® cpfat damage equivalent impact factor controlled by the surface roughness as given below.

° (104) The Xs/I value given in Figures A106.1 and A106.2 denotes the influence of the span L and the shape of S-N curve.

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