Basis of design and action on structures

Design of concrete structures <

Design of steel structures s

Design of composite steel and concrete structures y

Design of timber structures f

Design of masonry structures —

Geotechnical design e

Design of structures for earthquake resistance s

Design of aluminium alloy structures 1

(8) Separate sub-committees have been formed by CEN/TC 250 for the various Eurocodes listed above.

(9) This Part 2 of Eurocode 2 is being published as a European Prestandard (ENV) with an initial life of three o years.

(10) This Prestandard is intended for experimental applications and for the submission of comments. o t

(11) After approximately two years CEN members will be invited to submit formal comments to be taken into l account in determining future actions. d

(12) Meanwhile, feedback and comments on this Prestandard should be sent to the Secretariat of CEN/- 0 TC250/SC2 at the following address: y

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