- the anchorages;

- the sheathing;

- the corrosion protection materials and devices. <

(103) Only stay cables constituted by parallel wires, parallel strands or parallel bars are covered by this y Appendix. Other types of stay cables are treated in ENV 1993-2. 0

(101) The certificate to each manufactured length of prestressing steel should contain as additional information the Guaranteed Ultimate Tensile Strength (GUTS), the tensile strength/p and the modulus of elasticity. r i

(102) Prestressing steel for the fabrication of stay cables should be of the following types defined in EN 10138:

- Strands: stress relieved strands consisting of seven weldless cold drawn smooth wires; $

- Bars: hot rolled, with thermal or mechanical treatments. C

cd s

- D = 28 for strands with nominal diameters between 12,5 and 13 mm; L

- D = 20 for strands with nominal diameters between 15,2 and 16 mm. d

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