^Obs, number of lorries expected on lane i per year number of lorries on the slow lane per year

(108) The cpfat value is a damage equivalent impact factor according to ENV 1991-3, Annex B:

cpfat =1,2 for surface of good roughness <Pfat = 1 for surface of medium roughness

An additional impact factor for verification of sections within the distance of 6,0 m from an expansion joint should betaken into account according to ENV 1991-3, Annex B. (For more details see also ENV 1991-3, Annex B: Fatigue life assessment).

A106.3 Railway bridges A 106.3.1 Reinforcing and prestressing steel

P(101) The damage equivalent stress range for reinforcing and prestressing steel shall be calculated according to Equation (A106.6).



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