Column Design Charts

Design Charts For Rectangular Columns

Figure 9.8

Rectangular column (d'/h 0.20)

Figure 9.8

Rectangular column (d'/h 0.20)

These equations ure not suitable for direct solution and the design of a column with symmetrical reinforcement in each face is best carried out using design charts as illustrated in figure 9.8. Sets of these charts can be found in the Concise Eurocode (rcf. 21), the Manual for the Design of Concrete Structures (rcf. 23) and the website

f EXAMPLE 9.2 Column design using design charts

Figure 9.9 shows a frame of a heavily loaded industrial structure for which the centre columns along line PQ are to be designed in this example. The frames at 4 m centres, are braced against lateral forces, and support the following lloor loads:

permanent action 10kN/m2 variable action q^ = 15 kN/m2

Characteristic material strengths are /ck = 25 N/mnr for the concrete and = 500 N/mnr' for the steel.

Figure 9.9

Columns in an industrial structure


3rd floor

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