For this triangular section, the plastic eentroid is at the same location as the geometric ccntroid, since the moment of Fx equals the moment of Fs about this axis when all the bars have yielded in compression.

The fundamental equations for strain compatibility and the steel's stress-strain relations are as presented in example 4.10 and arc used again in this example. The equilibrium equations for the triangular section become

0.8.v < h M F«2(&-0.8*)/3 + FJC(2/»/3- d')-F,(d - 2A/3)

/■', is negative when is a tensile stress, and from the geometry of figure 4.23 the

2 , width of the section at depth v ().8.v is I = -j\/3. Table 4.4 M-N interaction values for example 4.11

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