A, crit load is the area within the critical perimeter is the area within the loaded area (See Figure 4.16)

(5) Flat slabs containing shear reinforcement should have a minimum depth of 200 mm [see Minimum design moments for slab-column connections subjected to eccentric loading

(1) To ensure that the punching shear resistance defined by Equations (4.56), (4.57) and (4.58) can develop, the slab should be designed for minimum bending moments per unit width, m^dx and m^dy in the x and y direction, unless structural analysis leads to higher values (see Figure 4.24). In the absence of other provisions, Equation (4.59) should be satisfied:


Vsd denotes the shear developed n is the moment coefficient given in Table 4.9.

(2) In checking the corresponding resisting moments, only those reinforcing bars should be taken into account, which are appropriately anchored beyond the critical area (Figure 4.25).

Table 4.9 — Moment coefficient n for Equation (4.59)

Position of column

n for mSdx

n for mSdy

top bottom effective width



effective width

Internal column

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