Classification of the control measures

7.2.1 General

P(1) With regard to the quality control required in Clause 2.1 of this code, three basic control systems are identified in terms of the parties who may exercise quality control; different objectives are defined for each system:

— internal control

— external control

— conformity control

7.2.2 Internal control

(1) Internal control is carried out by the designer, the contractor, subcontractor or by the supplier, each within the scope of his specific task in the building process. It is exercised

— on his own "internal" initiative or

— according to "external" rules established by the client or by an independent organisation.

7.2.3 External control

(1) External control, comprising all measures for the client, is carried out by an independent organisation charged with this task by the client or by the relevant authority. External control may consist of:

— the verification of internal control measures (in so far as these are made in accordance with external specifications) or

— additional checking procedures independent from internal control systems.

7.2.4 Conformity control

(1) Conformity control is exercised to verify that a particular service or production function has been carried out in conformity with the specifications previously established.

(2) Conformity control is generally part of the external control.

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