Frdu Concentrated Design Resistance Force 3fcdac0

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Force in the tensile longitudinal reinforcement at a critical section at the ULS


Concentrated resistance force (Equation 5.22)


Horizontal clear distance between two parallel laps


Horizontal displacement of the envelop line of the tensile force (shift rule)


Lateral concrete cover in the plane of a lap


Mean width of a beam in tension zone


Minimum concrete cover


Largest nominal maximum aggregate size


Design value for ultimate bond stress


Basic anchorage length for reinforcement

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Minimum anchorage length Required anchorage length Necessary lap length (Figure 5.4) Minimum laP length

Number of transverse bars along anchorage length Number of layers with bars anchored at the same point Number of bars anchored in each layer Number of bars in a bundle

Mean transverse pressure (N/mm2) over the anchorage length

Spacing of longitudinal wires in a welded mesh fabric, or in surface reinforcement

Maximum longitudinal spacing of successive series of stirrups

Spacing of transverse wires in a welded mesh fabric or in surface reinforcement

Circumference of area Ak (Figure 4.15)

Angle of the shear reinforcement with the longitudinal reinforcement (main steel) A coefficient for determining the effectiveness of anchorages Coefficients for effectiveness of laps

Coefficient for the calculation of the lap length of welded mesh fabrics Angle between the concrete struts and the longitudinal axis

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