Good Bond Conditions Concrete

5.2.2 Bond

5.2.2 Bond Bond conditions

P(1) The quality of the bond depends on the surface pattern of the bar, on the dimension of the member and on the position and inclination of the reinforcement during concreting.

(2) For normal weight concrete, the bond conditions are considered to be good for:

a) all bars, with an inclination of | 45° to 90° | to the horizontal, during concreting [Figure 5.1 a)];

b) all bars which have an inclination of | 10° to 45° | to the horizontal during concreting and are:

— either placed in members whose depth in the direction of concreting does not exceed | 250 mm | [Figure 5.1 b)],

— or embedded in members with a depth greater than | 250 mm | and when concreting is completed, are:

• either in the lower half of the member [Figure 5.1 c)]

• or at least | 300 mm | from its top surface [Figure 5.1 d)]

(3) All other conditions are considered poor.

Bond Stress
Figure 5.1 — Definition of bond conditions Ultimate bond stress

P(1) The ultimate bond stress shall be such that no significant relative displacement between the steel and concrete occurs under service loads, and that there is an adequate safety margin against bond failure.

(2) In conditions of good bond, the design values for the ultimate bond stress fbd are given in Table 5.3. In all other cases, the values in Table 5.3 should be multiplied by a coefficient 0.7.

Table 5.3 — Design values fbd (N/mm2) for good bond conditions (these values incorporate a Yc value equal to 1.5)

Table 5.3 — Design values fbd (N/mm2) for good bond conditions (these values incorporate a Yc value equal to 1.5)


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