where: A cross-sectional area of concrete u perimeter of that area

Linear interpolation between the values in Table 3.3 and Table 3.4 is permitted.

(4) The values of Table 3.3 and Table 3.4 apply to concrete having a plastic consistence of classes S2 and S3 (see Clause 7.2.1 in ENV 206) when fresh. For concrete of other consistence the values have to be multiplied by 0.70 (stiff consistence, S1) or 1.20 (soft consistence, S4).

(5) For concrete with superplasticizers, the consistence before adding the superplasticizers is used for the evaluation of the creep and shrinkage coefficients as given in Table 3.3 and Table 3.4.

NOTE The following sections 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 describe materials to be used in structural concrete for which CEN standards or European approval documents are not yet available. A CEN Standard (EN 10080) is being prepared for reinforcement, and EN 10138 is being similarly prepared for prestressing steel. Work has not yet started on a CEN Standard for prestressing devices.

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