Elasticity Concrete Deformation properties

(1) The values of the material properties required for the calculation of instantaneous and time dependent deformations of concrete depend not only upon the concrete strength class but also upon the properties of the aggregates and other parameters related to the mix design and the environment. For this reason, where an accurate calculation is considered necessary, the values should be established from known data appropriate to the particular materials and conditions of use. For many calculations an approximate estimate will usually be sufficient. Stress-strain diagram

(1) The stress-strain diagram for concrete subjected to uniaxial compression is generally of the form shown schematically in Figure 3.1.

(2) For the design calculations, suitable idealised stress-strain diagrams may be used. Such idealisations are indicated in Section of this code.

Concrete C20 Modulus Elasticity Modulus of elasticity

(1) The modulus of elasticity depends not only on the strength class of the concrete but also on the actual properties of the aggregates used. (see above).

(2) In the absence of those values or in cases where great accuracy is not required, an estimate of the mean value of the secant modulus Ecm can be obtained from Table 3.2 for a given concrete strength class. The values in this Table are defined by Bc = 0 and Bc = 0,4 fck (see Figure 3.1; Bc: concrete compressive stress).

Table 3.2 — Values of the secant modulus of elasticity Ecm (in kN/mm2)

Strength Class C











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