Table 3 — Values to be used in referenced clauses instead of boxed values

Reference in EC2


UK values

Assumed imperfection v (radians) when 2nd order effects are insignificant


Limits to ratio of support to mid-span moment where plastic analysis is used

Between 1.0 and 2.0

Minimum shear strength of welds

25 % of the tensile strength of the bar

Allowance for tolerance (Ah) in cover for precast elements

Allowance for tolerance (Ah) in cover for in situ concrete

Ah = 5 mm Ah = 5 mm, Table 4.2 and notes

Minimum covers as a function of exposure

See Table 4 of this NAD

Reduction factor a to take account of the effects of long-term loading on maximum compressive stress (compression zone decreasing in width)

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