(see also 6.4 d) of this NAD)

eqn 4.77

Limit to depth of beams

h < 4b

Table 5.1

Minimum diameter of mandrels

See Table 8 of this NAD

Limiting value of the clear spacing a above which a1 may take a value of 1.0 for compression and 1.4 for tension Limiting value of b to lapped bar above which a1 may take a value of 1.0 for compression and 1.4 for tension

6< 2<


Extent of bar beyond bend in link

4< instead of 5< 8< instead of 10<

Factor by which minimum spacing should be reduced under defined circumstances In item ii), bar size near lap above which spacing of transverse steel should be reduced

0.67 20 mm

Maximum bar spacing in slab

Principal and secondary reinforcement 3h 8 500 mm

Minimum shear reinforcement in slabs as a percentage of the value for beams

100 %

Factor defining maximum local stress under a concentrated load

See note below



See 6.6 of this NAD

NOTE Equation 5.22 should read:

^Rdu = Aco <dS(Ac1/Ac0) 8 33afcAAco where a is as defined in (11) of EC2

4 Loading codes

The loading codes to be used are:

BS 648:1964, Schedule of weights of building materials.

BS 6399, Loading for buildings.

BS 6399-1:1984, Code of practice for dead and imposed loads. BS 6399-3:1988, Code of practice for imposed roof loads. CP 3, Code of basic data for the design of buildings. CP 3:Chapter V, Loading. CP 3:Chapter V-2:1972, Wind loads.

In using the above documents with EC2 the following modifications should be noted.

a) The imposed floor loads of a building should be treated as one variable action to which the reduction factors given in BS 6399-1:1984 are applicable.

b) Snow drift loads obtained from BS 6399-3:1988 should not be treated as accidental actions as defined in EC2. They should be multiplied by 0.7 and treated as a variable action.

c) The wind loading should be taken as 90 % of the value obtained from CP 3:Chapter V-2:1972.

5 Reference standards

Standards including materials specifications and standards for construction are listed for reference in Table 4 of this NAD.

Table 4 — References in EC2 to other publications

Reference in EC2

Document referred to

Document title or subject area


UK document


Eurocode 8

Design of structures in seismic regions



Eurocode 1

Actions on structures

Partially drafted

BS 6399-1 and BS 6399-3 CP3:Chapter V-2


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