NOTE 2 of EC2 should not be applied to the basic span/effective depth ratios for nominally reinforced concrete.

6.5 Chapter 5. Detailing provisions a) Table 5.1

Table 5.1 should be replaced by Table 8 of this NAD which gives minimum diameters of mandrels.

This clause should be interpreted as applying to laps in reinforcement in beams only.

When using equation 5.4 within this clause [see] As>req should be at least one-quarter of the area of the tension reinforcement in the span [see].

This reinforcement should be placed inside the stirrups.

When corner reinforcement is required, the conditions in, and of BS 8110-1:1985 should be used.

Longitudinal spacing of successive links should not exceed 0.75d.

The provision of ties should be based on, 3.12.3 and 5.1.8 of BS 8110-1:1985 and 2.6 of BS 8110-2:1985.

6.6 Chapter 6. Construction and workmanship a) Clause 6.2

Tolerances in this clause should be read as dimensional deviations and should be based on those given in 6.11, 7.3 and 8.6 of BS 8110-1:1985.

Additional guidance is given in,,, and 7.6 of BS 8110-1:1985.

Table 8 — Minimum diameters of mandrels

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