6.2.1 Tolerances — general

P(1) In order to ensure the required properties of the structure, the tolerances must be clearly defined before construction work starts.

P(2) For durability reasons, independently from the defined tolerances, the cover to reinforcement shall not be less than the minimum values given in

P(3) The dimensions given on the working drawings shall be observed with the appropriate tolerances.

6.2.2 Tolerances with regard to structural safety

(1) The following deviations A 1 with respect to the nominal cross sectional dimensions 1 can — except for concrete cover, see 6.2.3 below — be regarded as admissible on the basis of the partial safety coefficients Yf and Ym as given in and respectively.

a) In relation to the dimensions of the concrete section (total depth of a beam or of a slab, width of a beam or a web, lateral dimensions of a column) and in relation to the effective depth:

with linear interpolation for other values of 1.

for 1 r 150 mm : A 1 = ± 5 mm for 1 = 400 mm : A 1 = ± 15 mm for 1 T 2 500 mm : A 1 = ± 30 mm b) for the position of the prestressing tendons compared with the design position:

— for tendons which are part of a strand, single tendons and strands:

— for tendons which are part of a strand and for single tendons:

or % 1 = ± 30 mm where 1 denotes the depth or width of the cross section. (2) Tolerances other than those defined in paragraph (1) above can also be specified provided that it can be demonstrated that they do not reduce the required level of safety.

6.2.3 Tolerances for concrete cover

(1) For the tolerances of concrete cover to reinforcement, e.g. the difference between the nominal and the minimum cover, applies. No positive permitted deviation is specified.

6.2.4 Tolerances for construction purposes

(1) For other purposes, such as for example construction or dimensional tolerances in buildings as a whole, stricter tolerances than defined in 6.2.2 may be required. These values should be specified separately from this Code. For the maximum sag of slabs, however, and (6) apply.

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