Permanent: UDL Self-weight:

Slope 2 x (1 /2) x 02 /10 x 0.2 x 25 / 0.9 = 0.112 Slab 0.1 x 2.5 = 2.500

Cross rib 0.19 x 0.71 x 0.2 x 25 / (0.9 x 7.5) = 0.100 Total self-weight = 3.545

Ceiling Services Raised floor Total permanent actions =

Permanent: Patch /oad

Extra over solid in beam area as patch load

ยงยง In this case, assuming the patch load analysis is accurate, assuming the weight of solid area is spread over the whole span would overestimate span and support moments by 6 - 8% and shears at the solid/rib interface by 8 - 9%. Ignoring the weight of the solid area in the analysis of this ribbed slab would lead to underestimates of span moments by 1%, support moments by 3% and no difference in the estimation of shear at the solid shear interface. This may have been the preferred option!



Allowance for partitions Total variable load =

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