Assumptions Eurocode

Eurocode 2 assumes that:

Design and construction will be undertaken by appropriately qualified and experienced personnel.

Adequate supervision and quality control will be provided. Materials and products will be used as specified.

The structure will be adequately maintained and will be used in accordance with the design brief.

The requirements for execution and workmanship given in ENV 13670 are complied with. ENV 13670[20] is currently available but without its National Application Document. For building structures in the UK, the background document PD 6687[5] considers the provisions of the National Structural Concrete Specification (NSCS)[19] to be equivalent to those in ENV 13670 for tolerance class 1. When published, BS EN 13670[20] and the corresponding National Annex will take precedence.

1.7.2 The worked examples

Unless noted otherwise, the calculations in this publication assume:

A design life of 50 years.

C30/37 concrete.

Grade A, B or C reinforcement.

Exposure class XC1.

1 hour fire resistance.

<BS EN 1990 Table 2.1> <Table 3.1> <BS 4449>

<Table 4.1, BS 8500 Table??> <The Building Regulations>

Generally each calculation is rounded and it is the rounded value that is used in any further calculation.

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