BS EN Eurocode Actions on structures

Actions are defined in the 10 parts of BS EN 1991 Eurocode 1: Actions on structures'151 BS EN 1991-1-1: 2002: Densities, self-weight, imposed loads for buildings BS EN 1991-1-2: 2002: Actions on structures exposed to fire BS EN 1991-1-3: 2003: Snow loads BS EN 1991-1-4: 2005: Wind actions BS EN 1991-1-5: 2003: Thermal actions BS EN 1991-1-6: 2005: Actions during execution BS EN 1991-1-7: 2006: Accidental actions

BS EN 1991-2: 2003: Actions on structures. Traffic loads on bridges BS EN 1991-3: 2006: Cranes and machinery BS EN 1991-4: 2006: Silos and tanks

This publication is mainly concerned with designing for the actions defined by Part--1 Densities, self-weight, imposed loads for buildings.

Design values of actions and load arrangements are covered in Section 2.

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