— minimum cover due to bond

= diameter of bar. Assume 20 mm main bars and 8 mm links cmindur = minimum cover due to environmental conditions.

Assuming XC1 and C30/37 concrete , cmindur = 15 mm

Acdev = allowance in design for deviation. Assuming no measurement of cover Acdev = 10 mm

<Client requirement> <Client requirement>


.'. cnom = 20 + 10 to main bars or = 15 + 10 to links - critical

Check adequacy of section for REI 60 Minimum slab thickness, ns = 80 mm OK Axis distance required Minimum rib width or bmin = 120 mm with a = 25 mm bmin = 200 mm with a = 12 mm

By inspection, not critical

Use 25 mm nominal cover to links

<BS EN 1992-1-2 5.7.5(1)> <BS EN 1992-1-2 Table 5.8>

Figure 3.10

Section AA: section through ribbed slab

Figure 3.10

Section AA: section through ribbed slab

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