Designing to Eurocode

This chapter covers the analysis and design of slabs to Eurocode 21 which is essentially the same as with BS 81102. However, the layout and content of Eurocode 2 may appear unusual to designers familiar with BS 8110. Eurocode 2 does not contain the derived formulae or specific guidance on determining moments and shear forces. This has arisen because it has been European practice to give principles in the codes and for the detailed application to be presented in other sources such as textbooks.

Chapter 1, originally published as Introduction to Eurocodes3, highlighted the key differences between Eurocode 2 and BS 8110, including terminology. Chapter 7, originally published as Flat slabs4 covers the design of flat slabs.

It should be noted that values from the UK National Annex (NA) have been used throughout, including values that are embedded in derived formulae. (Derivations can be found at A list of symbols related to slab design is given at the end of this chapter.

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