The calculations in this section illustrate:

5.2 Design of a non-slender column using design charts.

5.3 Design of a perimeter column using iteration of equations to determine reinforcement requirements.

5.4 Design of an internal column with high axial load.

5.5 Design of a slender column requiring a two hour fire resistance.

In general axial loads and first order moments are assumed to be available. The designs consider slenderness in order to determine design moments, MEd. The columns are designed and checked for biaxial bending. The effects of allowing for imperfections are illustrated.

A general method of designing columns is as follows:

1. Determine design life.

2. Assess actions on the column.

3. Determine which combinations of actions apply.

4. Assess durability requirements and determine concrete strength.

5. Check cover requirements for appropriate fire resistance period.

6. Determine cover for fire, durability and bond.

7. Analyse structure for critical combination moments and axial forces.

8. Check slenderness and determine design moments.

9. Determine area of reinforcement required. 10. Check spacing of bars and links.

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