Internal column

The flat slab shown in Example 3.5 (reproduced as Figure 5.6) is part of an eight-storey structure above ground with a basement below ground. The problem is to design column C2 between ground floor and 1st floor. The design forces need to be determined. This will include the judgement of whether to use Exp. (6.10) or the worse case of Exp. (6.10a) and Exp. (6.10b) for the design of this column.

The suspended slabs (including the ground floor slab) are 300 mm thick flat slabs at 4500 mm vertical centres. Between ground and 5th floors the columns at C2 are 500 mm square; above 5th floor they are 465 mm circular. Assume an internal environment, 1 hour fire resistance and /ck = 50 MPa.

Design Flat Slabs According Eurocode
Figure 5.6 Part plan of flat slab

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