Load combination and arrangement

Load combination

By inspection, BS EN 1990 Exp. (6.10b) governs .*. n = 1.25 x 30.2 + 1.5 x 11.5 = Arrangement

Choose to use all-and-alternate-spans-loaded load cases, i.e. use coefficients.

The coefficients used presume 15% redistribution at supports. As the amount of redistribution is less than 20%, there are no restrictions on reinforcement grade. The use of Table 5.6 in BS EN 1992-1-2 is restricted to where redistribution does not exceed 15%.

<5.1.3(1) & NA option b, Concise EC2 Table 15.3> <Concise EC2 Table 15.3>

<5.5(4) & NA> <BS EN 1992-1-2 5.6.3(1), Table 5.6)>

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