Other designdetailing checks

a) Minimum area of reinforcement in flange fyk) bt

where bt = width of tension zone

: 0.26 x 0.30 x 350666 x 1000 x 100 / 500 = 166 mm2 / m

b) Secondary reinforcement

Not applicable c) Maximum spacing of bars, < 3 h < 400 mm

By inspection d) Crack control

Loading is the main cause of cracking : use Table 7.2N or Table 7.3N for wmax = 0.3 mm and max. ae = 200 MPa (see deflection check) Max. bar size = 25 mm or max. spacing = 250 mm

e) Effects of partial fixity

Assuming partial fixity exists at end supports, 15% of As is required to extend 0.2 x the length of the adjacent span.

Asreq = 15% x 525 = 79 mm2 / rib For the rib in tension:

OK by inspection.

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