Summary of design forces in column C ground st

Design forces.




Using Exp. (6.10)

9555.3 kN

97.7 kNm

26.5 kNm

Using Exp. (6.10a)

8933.4 kN

95.7 kNm

26.3 kNm

Using Exp. (6.10b)

9000.0 kN

76.4 kNm

19.4 kNm

Note: To determine maximum 1st order moments in the column, maximum out-of-balance moments have been determined using variable actions to one side of the column only. The effect on axial load has, conservatively, been ignored.

It may be argued that using coefficients for the design of the slab and reactions to the columns does not warrant the sophistication of using Exp. (6.10a) and Exp. (6.10b). Nevertheless, there would appear to be some economy in designing the column to Exp. (6.10a) or Exp. (6.10b) rather than Exp. (6.10). The use of Exp. (6.10a) or Exp. (6.10b) is perfectly valid and will be followed here.

However, to avoid duplicate designs for both Exp. (6.10a) and Exp. (6.10b), a worse case of their design forces will be used, thus: NEd= 9000 kN,_Myy = 95.7 kNm,_M^ = 26.3 kNm

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