The design process

This chapter is intended to assist the designer determine all the design information required prior to embarking on detailed element design. It covers design life, actions on structures, load arrangements, combinations of actions, method of analysis, material properties, stability and imperfections, minimum concrete cover and maximum crack widths.

The process of designing elements will not be revolutionised as a result of using Eurocode 21, although much of the detail may change - as described in subsequent chapters.

Similarly, the process of detailing will not vary significantly from current practice. Guidance can be found in Chapter 10 or in Standard method of detailing'2. With regard to specification, advice can be found in Chapter 1, originally published as Introduction to Eurocodes3. Concept designs prepared assuming that detailed design would be to BS 8110 may be continued through to detailed design using Eurocode 2.

In the long-term it is anticipated that Eurocode 2 will lead to more economic structures.

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