Calculation method

The requirements for the calculation of deflections are given in Section 4.4.3 and Appendix 4 of EC2.

Two limiting conditions are assumed to exist for the deformation of concrete A4.3(1) sections

(1) Uncracked

Members which are not expected to be loaded above the level which would A4.3(2) cause the tensile strength of the concrete to be exceeded, anywhere in the member, will be considered to be uncracked. Members which are expected to crack will behave in a manner intermediate between the uncracked and fully cracked conditions.

For members subjected dominantly to flexure, the Code gives a general equation for obtaining the intermediate value of any parameter between the limiting conditions a = fan + (1

where a is the parameter being considered tXj and an are the values of the parameter calculated for the uncracked and fully cracked conditions respectively

J" is a distribution coeffient given by

0 0

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