Mechanical ratio of tension reinforcement


Mechanical ratio of compression reinforcement

wljm Limiting value of u for singly reinforced section

E. Total vertical force applied to frame at floor j

A^ Anchorage slip or wedge set

AFa Variation of longitudinal force in section of flange over distance av

AH. Equivalent horizontal force acting on frame at floor j due to assumed imperfections amr├╗,c Moment of force AA/Rdc about mid-depth of section AMS(j Reduction in design moment at support

ANBd,c Desi9n resistance to axial force due to concrete in area of hypothetical section lying outside actual section

APc Average loss of prestressing force due to elastic deformation of concrete

AP^ Loss of prestressing force at active end of tendon due to anchorage slip

APt(t) Loss of prestressing force due to creep, shrinkage and relaxation at time t

APJx) Loss of prestressing force due to friction between tendon and duct at distance x from active end of tendon

Aapr Variation of stress in tendon due to relaxation

<t> Bar size or duct diameter or creep coefficient

<j>(t,tj Creep coefficient, defining creep between times t and t, related to elastic deformation at 28 days 0

^(^.tj Final creep coefficient

0 0

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