Complete Design Example

2.1 Introduction

Design calculations for the main elements of a simple in-situ concrete office block are set out. The structure chosen is the same as that used in Higgins and Rogers' Designed and detailed (BS 8110: 1985)i4). Calculations are, wherever possible, given in the same order as those in Higgins and Rogers enabling a direct comparison to be made between BS 8110(2> and EC2(1> designs. For the same reason, a concrete grade C32/40 is used. This is not a standard grade recognized by EC2 or ENV 206(6), which gives grade C35/45 in Table NA.1. Some interpolation of the tables in EC2 has, therefore, been necessary.

The example was deliberately chosen to be simple and to cover a considerable range of member types. Comparison shows that, for this type of simple structure, there is very little difference between BS 8110 and EC2 in the complexity of calculation necessary or the results obtained.

2.2 Basic details of structure, materials and loading

These are summarized in Table 2.1 and Figure 2.1.

Table 2.1 Design information

Intended use

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