Design Check overall depth of corbel

Conservatively, the maximum shear in the corbel should not exceed V . The depth of the corbel could be reduced by putting F < VRd2 but this would give an increased tie force and consequent detailing problems. The value of rRd in the expression for V (EC2 Eqn 4.18(1)) may be modified by the factor /3 defined in EC2 Clause

By inspection /3 will be a minimum when x = ac in EC2 Eqn 4.17. Hence VR will also be a minimum.

[0rRd/c(1.2 + 40p() + 0.15ajbd 2.5dix with 1.0 < ß < 5.0

Eqn 4.18 Eqn 4.17

0.34 N/mm2

Table 4.8

pt is assumed to be 0.006 (4T16)

No provision has been made to limit horizontal forces at the support; therefore a minimum horizontal force (HJ acting at the bearing area should be assumed. This is given by

Therefore cp


Therefore Determine main reinforcement requirement

Now 0.4hc < ac, therefore a simple strut and tie model may be assumed, as shown in Figure 8.2.

Figure 8.2 Strut and tie model

Under the vertical load Fa

The determination of x will be an iterative procedure. Choose x such that e = 0.002 and f, = 400 N/mm2

s yd


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