6m h

1 35m

Figure 3.11 Beam span and loading - example 3

1100 kN

1 35m

I 35m

1100 kN

Figure 3.12 Shear force diagram - example 3

The basic design shear resistance of the section, V , is given by

For concentrated loads within 2.5d of the face of the support, rRd may be increased as in Section 3.3.2. However, no similar enhancement is permitted for uniformly distributed loads.

/3 must be reduced depending on the proportion of concentrated loads to total design load. /3 can then be written as red



VSd(conc) = design shear force due to concentrated loads ^sd(tot) = desi9n shear force due to total loads

Values of the concentrated load ratio and the resulting design shear strength are given in Tables 3.4 and 3.5.

Table 3.4 Concentrated load ratio VCMmm,IVt
0 0

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