A proposed arrangement of walls and columns is shown in Figure 11.1. Loading details are presented in Figure 11.2. It is intended to justify a design using the Simple Rules of Section 2 of the CIRIA Guide.

The beam is a flat vertical plate and the thickness is small compared with other CIRIA

dimensions. Guide 2

There are two loads which may be defined as concentrated and no indirect Cl.2.1.1(4)

loads or supports. Cl.2.1.1(5)

In EC2 a beam is classified as a deep beam if the span is less than twice the depth.

CIRIA Guide 2 classifies deep beams as 'Beams with span/depth ratios of less than 2 for single span beams or less than 2.5 for multi span beams', thus giving an extended range of elements to be designed as deep beams in comparison with EC2.

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