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Starters, see Fig. 2.13

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Figure 2.11 Column reinforcement details

2.7 Foundation

Design typical pad footing for internal column. 2.7.1 Cover

Use 50 mm nominal cover against blinding

BS 8110 specifies a nominal cover of not less than 40 mm against blinding. EC2 specifies a minimum cover greater than 40 mm. This implies a nominal cover greater than 45 mm, hence the choice of 50 mm.

2.7.2 Loading

Taken from internal column design.

Ultimate design loads: Dead = 1226

Imposed = 575

Total = 1801 kN

Hence service loads: Dead = 908

Imposed = 383

Total = 1291 kN

The assumption is made that the base takes no moment. Also it is assumed that the dead weight of the base less the weight of soil displaced is 10 kN/m2 over the area of the base.

2.7.3 Size of base

Since, at the time of publication, EC7: Geotechnical designand EC2, Part 3: Concrete foundations(10) have not been finalized, the approach used here is based on current UK practice.

Bearing pressure under service loads 1291


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