Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures, Part 1: General rules and rules for buildings (EC2)(1) sets out both the principles for the design of all types of concrete structure, and design rules for buildings. Rules for other types of structure and particular areas of technology, including precast concrete elements and structures, will be covered in other parts of EC2.

EC2 contains a considerable number of parameters for which only indicative values are given. The appropriate values for use in the UK are set out in the National Application Document (NAD)<1) which has been drafted by BSI. The NAD also includes a number of amendments to the rules in EC2 where, in the draft for development stage of EC2, it was decided that the EC2 rules either did not apply, or were incomplete. Two such areas are the design for fire resistance and the provision of ties, where the NAD states that the rules in BS 8110(2) should be applied.

Attention is drawn to Approved Document A (Structure) related to the Building Regulations 1991(3), which states that Eurocode 2, including the National Application Document, is considered to provide appropriate guidance for the design of concrete buildings in the United Kingdom.

Enquiries of a technical nature concerning these worked examples may be addressed to the authors directly, or through the BCA, or to the Building Research Establishment.

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