Length beyond centre of pile allowing for end cover = 375 - 50 = 325 < 530 mm

Bars cannot be anchored in manner shown in EC2 Figure 5.2. Use bent-up bars with large radius bend and anchorage length


Diameter of bends can be obtained from NAD Table 8<1). Assume that the limits NAD given for minimum cover in the table are equally applicable to bar centres. Table 8

For T25 @ 275 mm crs., bend diameter = 130, bend radius = (13/2) x 25 = 165 mm

The use of NAD Table 8 is conservative, as it is based on full stress in the bars at the bend. The values given appear to be consistent with BS 8110: Part 1: Clause using f = 30 N/mm2.

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For concrete placed in the UK, it should be possible to demonstrate compliance with EC2 Clause by using the BS 8110 Clause above, with the result that smaller diameter bends may be used.

For the edge bars, which have a minimum cover > 30 = 75 mm, NAD Table 8 gives 200 mm radius bend (see Figure 7.9).

The requirement for transverse reinforcement along the anchorage length does not apply at a direct support.

Provide bars to act as horizontal links, such as 4T16 @ 150 mm crs.

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