For equilibrium F{ = Fc and further refinement gives x = 235 mm, z = 371 mm, F = 216 kN

In addition, EC2 Clause requires a horizontal force of Hc to be applied at the bearing area.

296 x 103 460/1.15

Use 4T16 bars Check crushing of compression strut

This has been checked directly by the calculation of Fc above. However, an indirect check may also be made.

ck 200

Eqn 4.19 Eqn 4.20


^Rd2 = (i") x 055 x 20 x 300 x 0.9 x 465 = 690 kN

Hence Check link reinforcement requirements

Links are required if:

c cd yd

Eqn 5.21

Hence, links are required if

s, prov

Therefore links are not required

Nevertheless, in practice some links should be provided to assist in fixing the main reinforcement.

Use 4T8 links (8 legs) Check bearing area of corbel

Allowable design ultimate bearing stress = 0.8/cd for bearing bedded in EC2, concrete. Part 1B

400 x 103

Therefore area required = - = 25000 mm2

Assume transverse bearing = 250 mm Therefore length of bearing = 100 mm

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