R6 - 175 links

2T16 per rib

Figure 4.11 Detail at edge support Provide full lap length, I, for bottom bars:

For 100% of bars lapped and b > 20, a = 1.4 Hence with a =1.0 and A = A

a s,req s,prov

/bnet = lb = 370 = 37 X 12 = 444 mm / . = 0.3 a a.I. = 187 mm < 150 or 200 mm s,min a 1 b ยป r-

NAD Table 3 Figure 5.6



Transverse reinforcement at lapped splices should be provided as for a beam section. Since 0 < 16 mm, nominal shear links provide adequate transverse


Anchorage of bottom reinforcement at interior support.

Treat as a solid slab and continue 50% of mid-span bars into support.

The reinforcement details are shown in Figure 4.12. Figure

4T12 per rib

-R6- 125 links

2T16 per rib 1T 16 per rib

Figure 4.12 Detail at interior support

This detailing prohibits the easy use of prefabricated rib cages because of the intersection of the bottom reinforcement with the supporting beam cage. It is suggested that providing suitably lapped continuity bars through the support should obviate the need to continue the main steel into the support.

The arrangement of the reinforcement within the section including the anchorage of the links is shown in Figure 4.13.

Figure 4.13 Arrangement of reinforcement

5.2.5 NAD Tables 3 & 8 Figure 5.10

Figure 4.13 Arrangement of reinforcement

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