BS 8110 Figure 3.23

No shear reinforcement required

Having taken into account the increased shear strength close to the supports, it is necessary to ensure that the reinforcement is properly anchored.

In this case all reinforcement will extend to centre line of pile and be anchored beyond that position OK Punching

Piles fall within 1.5d perimeter from column face, it is thus only necessary to check shear around column perimeter, where

Stress < 0.9/77 = 0.9 x /30 = 4.9 N/mm2 NAD 6.4(d)

No enhancement of this value is permitted.

Stress =

2800 x 103 4 x 500 x 675 Crack control

Use method without direct calculation.

Estimate service stress in reinforcement under quasi-permanent loads using following method

Gk + %Q, = Gk + 030k For this example the column loads, Gk = 1200 kN and Qk = 785 kN

Hence the quasi-permanent load/factored load =

Estimated steel stress

0 0

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