0.6 x 334 x 103 2000

Hence separate checks for the two axes are permissible ejh = 100/400 = 0.25 > 0.2

A reduced value of h, therefore, must be used in carrying out a check for bending in the y direction.

The additional eccentricity in the z direction is 0.5/ /200 = 20 mm o

It is assumed that the intention of EC2 Section is that, using the reduced section, the applied load should just give zero stress at the least stressed face, i.e. as shown in Figure 5.9.

Actual section

Elastic stress distribution

Reduced section

Elastic stress distribution on reduced section

Figure 5.9 Assumption for check in the y direction

It will be seen that the point of application of the load must lie on the edge of the middle third of the reduced section.

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