Figure 4.21 Eqn 4.50

Therefore no shear reinforcement required Deflection

Control by limiting span/effective depth ratio using NAD Table 7.

For flat slabs the check should be carried out on the basis of the longer span.

For span < 8.5 m, no amendment to basic span/effective depth ratio is required.

Note 2 to NAD Table 7 states that modifications to the tabulated values for nominally reinforced concrete should not be carried out to take into account service stresses in the steel (refer to EC2: Clause However it is assumed that correction ought to be carried out for 0.15% < p < 0.5% but that the resulting values should not exceed those tabulated in the NAD for nominally reinforced concrete.

NAD Table 7 gives basic span/effective depth ratios which are assumed to be based on f. = 400 N/mm2.

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